residency Requirements

The women considered for residency 
must be:

• Coming from a rehabilitation facility
• 18 years or older
• No longer be in high school
• In active recovery for SUD
• MAT Accepted (excluding Methadone)
• Clear of pending court sentencing
• Able to show a negative drug test upon intake
• Must be able to pass a background check 
Those with a violent past will not be accepted.

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Physical donations (such as clothes, housewares, etc) can be dropped off by appointment ONLY.
We ask for at least a 24-hour notice. Thank you!!

Zero Tolerance Policy

Joppa House Ministries maintains a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, and weapons.

Use of alcohol, legal or medical marijuana,
and drugs are not permitted. 

Random drug and alcohol testing
will be administered.

 A positive drug, etg, or breathalyzer test
may result in expulsion from residency.  

Possession of weapons will result
in immediate expulsion.

Joppa House uses Rec-Cap!

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. . . what it means to live recovery . . .

Resident testimonials

Debra ~ 2022 Graudate

Becky C ~ 2021 Graduate

Sonia B ~ 2022 Graduate

Catherine ~ 2022 Graduate

Gypsy W ~ 2022 Graduate

Jenn O ~ 2022 Graduate

Joy T ~ 2022 Graduate

Christina ~ 2021 Graduate

recovery housing for women with
substance Use disorders

Our mission at Joppa House Ministries is to provide a safe, sober, rehabilitative environment for women and women with children.  Our program empowers women to remain substance-free, while mentoring and training them in the life skills they need, providing them a healthy, stable environment as they begin to transition and sustain independent living.

Joppa House was birthed out of a desire to help the multiple clients who came through Third Day Fellowship & Outreach’s doors that were homeless or facing homelessness; creating a program that can break the cycle of poverty that is plaguing this generation.  Trends have changed since Joppa House opened its doors in 2014.  Most of our residents are struggling with addictions.  To meet this specific and prevalent need, Joppa House has transitioned from its original mission into a recovery residence.

Joppa House Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  We are funded and supported by private donors and resident contributions, with two-thirds of our annual budget generated through private donations.  All donations are tax deductible.  

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