Life at Joppa House

Joppa House is a transitional recovery housing model that is intended to provide a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for women seeking to continue their personal recovery from substance use disorders.  We introduce sober living skills, peer-to-peer fellowship, and support, to help individuals gain strength and coping skills that will aid in transitioning each woman and their families back into the community, their families, along with the ability to sustain enriched lives free from addictions.

Family Living Expectations

In order to provide a safe and healing atmosphere at Joppa House, social expectations are required.  These expectations serve to promote positive relationships, respect, and learning opportunities for children to grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  Women with children are expected to follow the Family Living Expectations.

  1. Dignity and respect in communication
    All family members must strive to use appropriate voice tones, appropriate language, taking turns when speaking, and respect for differing opinions.  Communication should be directed only to the parties involved in the disput and care taken to not involve others in “taking sides”.
  2. Personal space and property must be respected
    Children need to be instructed not to touch items that belong to other household members.  Bedrooms are off limits to children that are not assigned to them unless supervised by a parent with permission.
  3. Children are only to be touched and/or disciplined by their own mother unless permission has been given by the parent during times of shared supervision or daycare supervision.
  4. Schedules for mealtimes, snacks, playtime, homework, quiet time, bath time, and bedtimes must be honored in order to provide consistency and routines for family members.  Children do best when they have predictable and consistent daily routines.
  5. Food must be eaten only in designated areas and every effort to provide healthy food choices for children should be encouraged.
  6. Children who are disrespectful, uncooperative, or defiant will require time out consequences based on their age.